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Putting supporter voice at the heart of the club for Doncaster Rovers.

"(Bulbshare) is enabling us to create a real two-way relationship with supporter communication, which has improved our fan engagement immeasurably."
Shaun Lockwood, Chief Operating Officer, Doncaster Rovers

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Doncaster Rovers have earned a reputation for being one of the most progressive clubs in English football when it comes to fan engagement. They may currently be a League Two side but their innovative approach to strengthening their relationship with their supporters is showing the Premier League clubs how it is done!


Put supporter voice at the heart of the organisation, making the fans feel more connected to the club and enabling Doncaster Rovers to make better decisions, more informed by their fans - ultimately driving happier fans, fuller stadiums and a more financially successful club.


Build a 500-strong fan community, that engages actively and frequently around the issues that matter to supporters and the club.

We've deep-dived into themes such as the matchday experience, ticketing, catering, merchandise, social media channels, and local community engagement - with the flexibility to engage in an ongoing, two-way dialogue to dig deeper into specific areas of interest. The channel also includes more fun forms of fan engagement such as match score predictions, post-match discussions and polls and contests.

We have also targeted specific supporter segments that are important to future growth such as female fans and the next generation of younger fans to understand their different experiences, attitudes and needs. Our online fan community works in tandem with other fan engagement initiatives such as the club's own fan shadow board.


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