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De-risking product launch across Italy, France, Hong Kong and the UAE for Italy’s number one makeup brand

Building a global insight community of makeup buyers for one of the world’s leading beauty brands.


KIKO MILANO is the number one makeup brand in Italy. Founded in Milan in May 1997, it has gone on to revolutionise the way cosmetics are sold globally, identifying the makeup trends of the moment, and making them accessible to all.


Build a targeted community of KIKO buyers and other key makeup brand users across Italy, France, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates to understand brand perceptions and consumer packaging preferences.


KIKO MILANO want to assess the credibility and appeal of new products and design concepts to de-risk product launch across multiple new collections.

Bulbshare provides the makeup brand with ongoing, real-time access to their target buyers across multiple key global markets - generating feedback around pack preference, brand associations and perceptions, purchase intent and brand affinity.


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