What is Bulbshare?

Bulbshare is a co-creation platform home to a community of likeminded people, brands and organisations united by a passion to create, collaborate and innovate. Brands and organisations look to Bulbshare to solve their toughest problems with the most creative and original solutions, fresh from the bright minds of our community!

What if do not have an iPhone or an Android phone?

While the app is only available for iOS and Android, you still can submit Bulbshares and be part of the co-creating community by visiting our website: Bulbshare.com.

Everyone can share ideas and co-create in response to our public briefs. Some of our Bulbshare environments require a password, and if so, your password will be provided by your designated Community Manager for private projects via your activation pack.

Why should I join Bulbshare?

By becoming a member of the Bulbshare community, you not only get to shape the content you consume, the brands you love and the causes you care about, you could also get unique prizes, "money can't buy" bundles and rewards for your ideas. Bulbshare is all about building up your voice on causes or issues that you care about, in safe, and sometimes private, online spaces.

Better yet, you get to proactively influence the world around you through your ideas being brought to life by the people, brands, NGOs and organisations that you will get the opportunity to co-create with!

You also get to develop creative skills for use in your career and beyond, while networking with a global community of likeminded individuals.

What's a Bulbshare?

A Bulbshare is an idea in response to a brief which may contain text, photo and video. Once you’ve signed up, simply respond to one of our open briefs by tapping on the brief that takes your fancy and tapping on "Join Brief".

Here, you’ll be able to take photos and create videos on the camera within the app, or select them from your camera roll, to be supplemented with text to further describe or communicate your idea.

Before you can submit, you will need to make sure that your Bulbshare has at least an image and text.

You can also view other people’s Bulbshares by clicking on the briefs that appeal to you, from the bulbshares tab at the top of your newsfeed, or through fellow co-creator profiles.

What's' a Brief?

A brief is a creative problem or challenge that needs to be solved. Brands and organisations submit briefs to source authentic, creative and original solutions to their problems from you, the Bulbshare community! This is your chance to feedback and help brands and organisations understand how to innovate and better communicate with their communities or consumers.

Your Profile

Why do I need to fill in my details when I sign up?

We want to make your opportunities on Bulbshare as personalised as we can. Lots of our more exclusive opportunities are location specific, age specific and target certain skills and interests, so we want to make sure that when you do get invited to exclusive opportunities, they’re ones that are tailored to you!

Why does Bulbshare ask for my phone number?

Where relevant, we’ll use your phone number to verify your identity before sending payments or other rewards.

Why should I link my social accounts?

Sometimes opportunities will be based on the numbers of followers you have or the social media networks that you are a part of, so by linking your social accounts you increase your chances of getting invited to our more exclusive opportunities. When you connect a social account, it will show up on your Bulbshare profile, so it’s a good way for your followers on Bulbshare to discover your other profiles - and vice versa!

Why should I update my profile?

It’s best to keep your profile up to date as you change location or acquire new interests so that we can continue to personalise co-creation opportunities to you.

Using Bulbshare

How do I search for friends on the platform?

To search for friends and discover other users on Bulbshare, just tap on the magnifying glass on the bottom bar and type in their name. Our discover section is a great way to find out about brands and other users on Bulbshare.

How do I join a brand or organisation’s exclusive co-creation community?

If a brand or organisation’s co-creation challenge is relevant to you, we’ll invite you to join their exclusive community of co-creators. You will receive a notification and an email with a password to access their private feed.

You can increase your chances of being invited to a brand or organisation’s community by completing your profile.

You’ll also be more likely to get an invite if we can see that you’re an active user, so submit to our public briefs and get liking and commenting on other people’s Bulbshares to grab our attention!

What if I’m not invited to join a branded community?

You’ll also be more likely to get an invite if we can see that you’re an active user, so submit to our public briefs and get liking and commenting on other people’s Bulbshares to grab our attention!

How do I like or comment on a Brief or Bulbshare?

Comments and likes are encouraged (and rewarded!) so express your thoughts and appreciation for the Briefs and Bulbshares that you love by leaving a comment.

All you need to do is tap the speech bubble or heart icon at the bottom of all Briefs and Bulbshares.

Negative comments will not be tolerated and may result in your account being deactivated without warning.

How do I see Briefs?

To view Briefs on your feed, tap on the image to watch the short video and swipe up to discover more about it. You can also view briefs by going directly to a brand’s profile.

How do I submit a Bulbshare

When you land on a brief (after you’ve watched the video and swiped up), click on ‘Join Brief’ at the bottom of the screen to start creating your Bulbshare. You can join as many briefs as you like and submit as many Bulbshares as you like to each brief.

How do I see my submitted bulbshares

You can see all of your Bulbshares on your profile, which you can access via the icon at the bottom of your screen that looks like a person. You can see more detail by tapping on each Bulbshare and swiping sideways to see the image, text and video.

To see other people’s Bulbshares, you can either visit their profile or views the submissions at the bottom each brief.

How do I delete a bulbshare

To delete a Bulbshare just bring up the submission you want to delete and tap on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner. Tapping on the three dots will bring up an option to delete the Bulbshare. Once a Bulbshare has been deleted is cannot be recovered.

Why I can't see certain briefs and bulbshares

Sometimes Briefs and Bulbshares will appear with a padlock over them. This is because they are part of a brand or organisation’s private co-creation challenge and are only visible to co-creators within that community.

See our section above on ‘Using Bulbshare’ to find out how to become part of a private co-creation challenge

What do I do if I encounter any problems whilst using Bulbshare?

We have a dedicated team of community managers on hand to deal with any issues as soon as possible. If you are part of a co-creation challenge you will be assigned a community manager. Please check your activation pack for more details. If you need to raise something with someone in our team regarding the public feed, please email Bulbshare Tech Support

Tech support

What do I do if I have problems submitting a Bulbshare?

Most issues when submitting a Bulbshare are caused by a lack of memory on your phone. Try to close other apps and submit again.
You will always be able to import photos and imagery from your camera roll on your phone to Bulbshare if you’re ever worried about connectivity.

How do I get in touch about a problem or a bug?

If you detect a problem or bug in our app, please send us an email to [email protected] with a clear description of the problem and your phone model. If you can share a screenshot or photograph of the issue, that can help us figure out what went wrong more efficiently.