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We're driven by the belief that through harnessing the power of real people to shape their experiences, we can create better brands and better institutions that are more firmly rooted in the interests of the audiences they seek to serve.

Our Team

Putting your audience at the heart of your brand

Bulbshare brings you closer to your customers than ever before - allowing you to understand exactly what they want from your brand. Building online communities that enable conversations, collaboration and co-creation, Bulbshare is the next step in consumer-brand connectivity.

Our values

We help brands and organisations across the globe build more meaningful relationships with their audiences through the three principles that define us.

Community Moderation


Who knows your brand better than you do? It's your customers. They're the ones buying your products, using your services, living your brand experience. Listening to your audience, allowing them to have a say in what you do and even co-create your products and campaigns will ensure you reflect the wants and needs of those at the heart of your brand.

Our Team

Social good

Modern audiences connect to brands that listen, brands that care, and brands that have a sense of community. Empowering your audience through collaboration is the ultimate gesture of brand democracy - inspiring not just your customers, but your workforce too.

Content Production


We believe brands are better, have more meaning and more authenticity when they collaborate with their customers - and that the best ideas come from the crowd. Why make decisions based in management echo chambers, when you could make them based on the thoughts, ideas and insights of your customers?

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