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Where audiences shape the content they consume, the causes they care about and the brands they love.

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Real-time insights

Audience insights that drive product, service and brand decisions.

User-generated content

Targeted, co-created content through audience collaboration.

People powered distribution

Identify influencers from within your Bulbshare community and distribute content through their networks.

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Why Bulbshare?
Your future lies in the communities you create.

Brand loyalty
and retention

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"For the best-in-class customer experience, you need to evolve and deepen customer relationships away from one-off contact and into ongoing customer communities.”

Forrester, 2016
  • 4x
    Higher conversion rates
  • 3x
    Deeper relationships
  • 4x
    Lower cost
  • 10x
    Higher customer loyalty
  • BBC Three playground

    Co-creating digital first content with a community of the UK's most talented young creatives.

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  • Product innovation

    Transforming product design and build within a global cultural organisation.

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  • Co-creating campaigns

    Innovating how one of the world's most well-loved brands connects with its audience.

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  • Rise above

    Building resilience in young people through co-creation.

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"Consumers are really expecting brands to create movements. They want to be part of those movements."
Aline Santos, EVP Global Marketing

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