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We help the world's leading organisations stay ahead of the game through customer collaboration.

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A new breed of instant, more cost-effective consumer insight - driving smarter product, service and brand decisions.

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Limitless source of more effective customer-generated content - building authenticity and meaning with your customers.

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Identify influencers through your analytics dashboard and distribute content through their personal networks - driving word-of-mouth advocacy.

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Simon Pollock, VP Consumer Insights, Nestlé Cereals

"Everybody, from the CEO down, is engaged in the programme, and is engaging with consumers on a regular basis."
Simon Pollock, VP Consumer Insights, Nestlé Cereals

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  • Co-creating the future of breakfast

    Building a global insight community with the world's largest food and beverage company.

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  • Designing the future with a tech giant

    Co-creating the future of mobile audio experiences with customers across the UK and US.

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  • Voxi by Vodafone

    Building a community of young creatives to be at the very heart of Voxi by Vodafone's marketing strategy.

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  • Collaborating for kindness

    Co-creating with customer communities in the UK and US.

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Build your customer community

Paul Thomas, Asahi Global Director

"Bulbshare has been a revolutionary insight tool within our business – allowing us to quickly reach hundreds of consumers across our key markets and engage them in both qual and quant activities. It has allowed us to quickly answer burning questions within our business – vs a traditional research tool which takes 5 times as long and costs 5 times as much!"
Paul Thomas, Asahi Global Director, Insights, Planning and Performance

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