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Transforming how a finance giant connects to its customers

Putting customer voice at the heart of operations for a global financial services leader.


For more than 140 years, Prudential Financial has helped individual and institutional customers grow and protect their wealth. They are known for delivering on their promises to their customers and are recognised as a trusted brand and one of the world’s most admired companies.


Create an online insight community of 1000 high-net-worth individuals across the US to enable quick-turnaround insight, content and advocacy.


Prudential’s mission is to drive insights, content and customer advocacy faster and more cost effectively than their previous approaches – and from a hard to reach consumer segment of top bracket earners.

Bulbshare provides the financial services firm with an always-on insight community of affluent US citizens, which is used to gain feedback and ideation around advertising creative, brand positioning and product development, as well as driving daily insight around consumer attitudes and behaviours. Bulbshare also facilitates regular virtual focus group and in-depth consumer video interviews for fast-turnaround research.


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