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Putting customer voice at the heart of product development.

"(Bulbshare) has allowed us to quickly answer burning questions within our business – vs a traditional research tool which takes 5 times as long and costs 5 times as much!”
Paul Thomas, Asahi Global Director, Insights, Planning and Performance.

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Founded in Japan in 1889, Asahi Group has become one of the world’s largest beer, spirits, soft drinks and food businesses, with a multitude of major international brands in its portfolio.


Build online customer communities across key international markets enabling agile connections for insight, product development and feedback on marketing campaigns.


We recruited five 1,000 strong communities across the UK, Canada, US, Australia and France based on granular customer segments, profiled against Asahi’s target consumer. These communities were used on an ongoing basis to provide everything from insight and ideation around new product development, to feedback on marketing campaigns and activation – making customer voice an integral part of all planning and operations at Asahi.


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