Rich data driving the right decisions

Interact with your customers in real-time, send push notifications and get rich, multimedia responses - then analyse all your data through a powerful, analytics dashboard.

Built for mobile

The world's leading co-creation software creates customer communities that are constantly online, always responsive and ready to collaborate on the move.

Audio-visually rich

Vertical video integration for the ever-scrolling, smartphone generation – creating a visually rich interface with maximum usability.

Bulbshare App Bulbshare App Bulbshare App

Super intuitive

Bulbshare works just like your audience’s favourite social media apps - driving familiarity, engagement, and everyday use.

Fast, live, real-time

Push notifications and rich media mobile responses make for on-the-go, real-time insight wherever and whenever your brand needs it.

How Bulbshare works?


Set up your branded Bulbshare channel - it can be done in minutes.


Onboard your Bulbshare community -
use your existing network or get help from the Bulbshare team.


Start submitting questions and briefs -
you can submit as many as you like.


Get hundreds of insights, ideas and content submissions direct from your customers - driving more informed business decisions.

Our technology

Branded channel environments

Data driven decisions

Visualise your data through the dashboard, making informed business decisions to deliver products and services to market.

Real-time interaction

Interact with your Bulbshare community in real-time, generating on-demand responses when and where you need them.


More Bulbshare benefits

  • Technical and customer support
  • Monthly releases, performance SLA, no upgrade headaches
  • Always on and fully secure
  • Push notifications
  • Access to platform data 24/7

Build your co-creation community

"Consumers are really expecting brands to create movements. They want to be part of those movements."
Aline Santos, EVP Global Marketing

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