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Building a community of young creatives to be at the very heart of Voxi by Vodafone's marketing strategy.

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Vodafone has ramped up its ambitions to become the provider of choice for young people with the launch of Voxi – a standalone, SIM-only network designed for under 25s that is putting young creatives at the very heart of its marketing strategy.


To build and activate a totally new brand that resonated with 16-24 yr olds across the UK.


Bulbshare worked alongside Latimer to recruit a community of 200 of the UK’s top young creatives, aged 16 - 25, from animators and graphic designers, to filmmakers and photographers. We ensured the community was truly diverse, from geographical location, to ethnicity and gender; to ensure that the content had broad appeal. We also enlisted the help of leading influencers, who shared content via their social channels, to shine a light on the creators and extend reach. Once onboarded, the Bulbshare platform was used to engage with the community in real time generating authentic original content validated by the audience that could be distributed across social media driving mass awareness and reach.


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