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Building a global insight community for the largest food and beverage company in the world.

"Everybody, from the CEO down, is engaged in the programme, and is engaging with consumers on a regular basis."
Simon Pollock, VP Consumer Insights, Nestlé Cereals

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Nestlé cereals’ mission is to make breakfast better for families across the globe. A leading global breakfast cereal company, they are the name behind some of the world’s most iconic breakfast cereal brands, such as Nesquik, Cheerios, Fitness and Chocapic to name but a few.


Create multiple insight communities across key global markets enabling quick-turnaround, targeted insight to explore consumer attitude, behaviour and empathy.


Bulbshare provides Nestlé Cereals with an always-on community of thousands of engaged consumers in 7 international markets across Europe, APAC and Latin America to co-create new brand positioning, advertising creative, activation ideas and product concepts. We also provide access to additional pop-up communities on an ad-hoc basis when required.


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