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Virtual global workshops for faster, more cost-effective connections

"(Customer Connect) allows us to engage with consumers in a variety of ways – not just virtual interviews but also through videos of them in their homes, showing us how they live, what they eat, their kitchens, grocery shopping and receipts…”

Kelly Laher, Consumer Insights Manager, Nestlé Cereals

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Bulbshare’s Customer Connect technology provides virtual global workshops for clients ranging from Nestlé and LEGO to Durex, Depop and L’Oréal. By connecting to customer communities virtually, we are able to run workshops faster and in a significantly more cost-effective way than traditional methods.


Connect to customers at scale in a live, virtual workshop environment for a range of research use-cases including in-depth interviews, insight and ideation sessions and product development – driving deeper qual insights and ensuring business decisions are based on unearthed consumer truths.


Bulbshare has built a virtual solution that allows us to run remote global workshops with our customer communities – connecting the brands we work with to at-scale audiences from any customer segment, from anywhere in the world. Facilitating anything from ideation sessions exploring brand identity and positioning to live product-testing and feedback sessions, our virtual workshops drive deeper qual insights with a significantly reduced turnaround time.

We facilitate Customer Connect sessions for the likes of LEGO, Nestlé, Depop and Durex, connecting them to a range of community members, from micro-influencers and creatives, to everyday consumers - and we also have the ability to connect with hard-to-reach segments such as high-net-worth individuals, vulnerable groups, and teens. Our expert moderators tailor the approach to suit sample and objective needs and we provide a range of outputs – from raw data and videos, to toplines and full reports.


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