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Building a global community of tastemakers for the largest sexual health company in the world

Putting Gen-Z voice at the heart of brand positioning.


Durex’s mission is to stand up for positive sex around the world. They want people to feel good about whatever they’re into. They believe in recognising the problems and fighting to fix them because sex that feels good, does good.


Build an online community of Gen-Z tastemakers from across the world who are passionate about sexual health and wellness and can help shape the Durex brand - shifting it from existing purely in the sexual health category to becoming a ‘lifestyle brand’, with a distinctive core identity and ideology that resonates deeply with Gen Z.


We have recruited 40 tastemakers and influencers in the sexual wellbeing space from across the UK, US, China and Brazil to create a global Sex Positivity Community - sharing content, feedback, insights and ideas to help shape Durex brand positioning.

This bespoke, thought-leading community provides Durex with key insights and ideation that inform multiple digital workshops for each of our four global markets. These remote, entirely on-line workshops drive insights and ideas around how Durex can activate their new brand positioning, all whilst putting purpose at the core of what they do.


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