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Putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of the brand

Co-creating campaigns with an LGBTQ+ community for Magnum.

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First developed in the late 1980s, Magnum has become one of the world’s most iconic ice cream names. Fully committed to ethical processes, the brand ensures that everything from the cocoa communities it works with to the way it packages its products is sustainable, responsible and transparent – with numerous social initiatives to date, including empowering women in cocoa farming communities as well as providing health, education and training across Madagascar.


Build a targeted community of tastemakers and creatives across London and New York with mixed gender identities to explore how Magnum can champion diversity and inclusion in its campaigns, representing LGBTQ+ communities and others that feel ignored or misunderstood in society, by the media and by mainstream brands.


Through a mix of in-person workshops and ideation sessions and a range of briefs within the Bulbshare app, our communities shared a wealth of feedback, ideas and content to help shape campaigns, messaging and strategy in order to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of the Magnum brand.

Recruiting a community of tastemakers, creatives and everyday consumers with mixed gender identities, our groups were able to provide unique perspectives, as well as a broad understanding of issues facing trans and LGBTQ+ communities, giving clear brand direction on how Magnum can connect with these audiences.

Briefs included ideation around the issues Magnum should get behind to support trans communities, feedback on the right kind of imagery to use, and content around the campaign idea ‘Pleasure Knows No Gender’. Through connecting with the Bulbshare community, Magnum has been able to gain invaluable insights, content and feedback that has helped it connect with trans communities and put inclusivity at the heart of its messaging.


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