Community led growth with Nesquik

Speed-testing design concepts for quicker, more cost-effective campaign validation.


In 2022 and beyond, Nesquik continues to work towards a brighter future for the generations to come, from widely recyclable packaging to increasing support for cocoa farmers and their communities. Nesquik believes growing up should be fun, and works to continually delight kids as they grow with tasty new products!


Build dual communities of Nesquik lovers across France and Spain to share ideas and feedback on a range of creative concepts and brand positioning.


Bulbshare builds communities of over 300 authentic Nesquik customers across France and Spain to collaborate on brand positioning – providing everything from creative feedback on campaign activations, user-testing new product concepts and at-scale ideation on new creative routes.

By speed-testing multiple design concept iterations within the Bulbshare app, with two always-on communities, Nesquik is able to develop new products more quickly. And ideation sessions, where community members feedback on the improvements they want to see, leads to the development of products that directly reflect the needs of their customers.

Brand positioning, advertising creative and campaign activations have also been validated at-scale in a super-fast-turnaround environment.


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