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Rise above

Building resilience in young people through co-creation.

“By building an always-on relationship with our audience, we get a real-time identification of taste-makers, early-adopters and opinion-leaders. From the wealth of insights we then map to key policy comms messaging.”

Jan Nixon, Senior Marketing Manager, Public Health England


Created by young people for young people, the 'Rise Above' campaign aims to build emotional resilience in individuals aged 11 to 16 by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions, and help deal with the pressures of growing up. By tackling multiple behaviours, it seeks to build and improve the all-round resilience of young people.


Rise Above wanted to collaborate with young people to generate authentic and credible insight and creative content around the issues of emotional resilience.


Invite young people to co-create the Rise Above website and influence policy implementation at a national level by sharing insights and creating content around issues of online bullying, exam stress, and body image.


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