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Revolutionising R&D for an iconic US brand

Putting consumer voice at the heart of insight and innovation for Kontoor Wrangler.

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Kontoor Brands is a global lifestyle apparel company, with a portfolio of some of the world’s most iconic consumer brands, including Wrangler. They design, manufacture, and distribute high-quality products that give people around the world the freedom to express themselves.


Create an online community of 500 US workwear buyers based on hyper-niche customer segments to enable faster turnaround insight and innovation via at-scale, real-time video feedback.


Recruit a community of workwear buyers from across the US to generate real-time insights via written research briefs and rich media responses. Penetrating a hard-to-reach market, we empower Kontoor Wrangler to understand brand perception, gauge consumer reactions to products, and syndicate hundreds of ratings and reviews around new design features and functionality – enabling at-scale feedback which is transforming how the brand approaches research and development. Our approach is typically half the cost and twice the speed of traditional methods with richer, more nuanced consumer feedback.


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