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Putting customer voice at the heart of decisions for a leading gourmet burger chain.


Byron Burger founder Tom Byng went to the USA and came back with a mission. Together with Head Chef Fred Smith, he created a signature range of indulgent and super satisfying burgers, driven by the belief that nothing beats a big juicy burger. With that, Byron was born in 2007 around the UK, transforming the British burger scene beyond recognition.


Build a 1,700-strong dual insight community segmented into both burger connoisseurs and normal restaurant goers to provide insight, ideas, reviews and content around issues ranging from new pricing and menu options to restaurant experiences and feedback on advertising creative.


Our community is divided into those with a passion for burgers and normal, everyday diners in order to gain a range of dual-faceted insights for Byron – from those with a detailed knowledge of the category and those who might be experiencing gourmet burgers for the first time.

We ask our community to provide at-scale feedback around Byron’s new menu, with comparisons between new and original options; and provide honest reactions to revised pricing structures, discounts and special offers. We also gather more general feedback around what they look for in a burger brand, high-street restaurant and dining experience – with ideation around what Byron can add to their offer.

At the same time, we are testing a range of advertising creative for Byron’s upcoming products and promotions, with our community providing feedback on what is working and not working from both a messaging and visual perspective – as well as providing ideas for how the concepts can be improved. The community is also providing detailed reviews of new products in order to inform the development of the new menu.


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