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Innovating how one of the world's most well-loved brands connects with its audience.

"Bulbshare is a great platform to enrich and sharpen the best content created, but also to keep the community continuously engaged and alive. It is a well-designed app that looks simple and it just felt natural to use."
Vittorio Cerulli, Unilever CMI Team


Manufactured by Unilever, Cornetto is one of the world’s most popular ice creams. Founded in 1959 in Naples, Italy, by ice cream maker, Spica, today it is loved by millions around the globe.


Connect with youth audience communities in Italy in order to gain insights and generate campaign ideas.


Recruit and manage a community of 16-32 year-olds in Italy in order to: co-create ideas to promote a movement; gain insights into the issues and influences that inspire young people in Italy; derive global insights into how a youth movement could be scaled world-wide.


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