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Depop is a peer-to-peer social e-commerce company based in London, with additional offices in Manchester, Milan and New York City. The company has an expanding global presence being popularised in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy.


Explore what notions of ‘trust’, ‘safety’ and ‘authenticity’ mean within a fashion industry context with an 800-strong community of Gen-Z Depop users across the UK and the US. Also, gain feedback on the user-experience of the Depop app, gathering feedback on the improvements and added features that our community of Gen-Z users would like to see.


Build an insight and ideation community of Gen-Z Depop users with granular segmentation around the ways in which they interact with the Depop platform: from behavioural patterns based on how they shop, to their age, gender and demographic typologies.

We run multiple virtual co-creation workshops and in-depth interviews with our community to understand what they would like to see from the Depop brand and app in order to promote feelings of safety, authenticity and trust – gaining video, written and image-based responses. At the same time, we launch briefs within the Bulbshare app exploring these notions, and gaining feedback on the Depop app experience.

Our expert researchers reported recommendations based on the wealth of multi-format insight and content shared – with practical guidance around changes Depop can make to the way it communicates with its audiences.


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