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Creating a legion of Gen Z brand advocates for a cosmetics giant.

"Customer communities are the future. You need to connect with them. That’s what Bulbshare enables, and I expect to see every brand start to create these communities in the next few years.”
Sam Crossman, Chief Digital Officer, L’Oréal

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Part of the L’Oréal group, NYX Professional Makeup believes pro-level makeup should be accessible for all, colour and self-expression are never filtered, and the customers way of doing it is always proudly celebrated. Founded in Los Angeles in 1999, they champion creativity, freedom and individuality.


Build a 5,000 strong community of NYX Professional Makeup users to become advocates for the brand, sharing content, reviews and recommendations across their own social media platforms.


We’ve built NYX Professional Makeup their own fully branded app, replicating the full functionality of Bulbshare, and onboarded 5,000 of their customers into a content and brand advocacy community – made up of professional makeup artists, micro-influencers and everyday consumers.

Our community is sharing insight on a daily basis that is being used to inform marketing strategy, authentic user-generated-content which is already being seeded across social media, and marketing collateral and product reviews that are being syndicated online with a potential reach of millions.


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