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Validating brand activation for one of the world’s most iconic charities.

Testing campaign creative and user-experience with a youth audience.

"Bulbshare was instrumental in gleaning insights into how real customers perceived our brand and messaging.They were able to provide evidence-based recommendations that helped steer our business into a successful launch.”
Melissa Gilmour, Head of Digital Marketing, The Big Exchange.


Part of The Big Issue Group, The Big Exchange is helping drive transformational change in finance to make money count for more - for people and for our planet. The organisation aims to make financial services more accessible and inclusive for everybody.


Test and appraise the sign-up process for a new online finance product, ensuring the journey is as smooth as possible, offering user-perspectives and suggestions for improvements. At the same time, gain an understanding of the appeal and efficacy of a set of digital banner ads in order to maximise click-through rates.


Bulbshare has built a targeted insight community of millennials with a mix of age, life stage and gender, as well as the full spectrum of financial security. This community has evaluated a set of advertising and launch creatives based on a number of KPIs, including appeal, relevance, uniqueness, ease of understanding and messaging – providing both qual and quant feedback.

The community has also tested the brand’s website prior to launch, filming their user-journeys through a dummy sign-up process and uploading directly via the Bulbshare app–supported by feedback, commentary and ideas for improvements.


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