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Insight futures: The trends set to shape the landscape of market research in 2024

Join Founder of Insight Platforms, Mike Stevens and Bulbshare as we forecast the research trends that will rock the boat in 2024 and discuss how you can stay ahead of the curve in your research.

Festive forecast: Unpacking seasonal spend across hospitality, with Greene King

Join Greene King’s Consumer Insights Manager, Caroline Dean, and Bulbshare’s Chief Customer Officer, Louise Hughes, to discover how consumers will eat, drink, and socialise this festive season.

The insight manager’s future food and drink report

Shopping. Socialising. Eating. Drinking. From nootropic drinks to fishless fillets, here are the trends that will define 2023 consumption.

The Inflation Report: Consumer spend in light of continued austerity

A cancelled Christmas is on the cards for a quarter of respondents, and, above all else, the majority are finding it difficult to afford to live. Discover what a community of UK, US, and French consumers think about inflation, potential recession, and rising prices, here.

How to mine and analyse data 50 x faster using generative AI, with Microsoft and Bulbshare

Actionable tips on how to best wield AI technology to save time, drive efficiency and conduct more meaningful research than ever before…

Generating the future: Predicting the impact of AI on consumer insights

AI – it’s all everyone has been talking about since the launch of ChatGPT. And for good reason: it wields the potential to change everything we know about jobs, consumer insight, and industry as a whole. The question remains, how do we wield it?

Bringing the customer into the boardroom: How leading brands are winning with community-led growth

In 2023 the ‘consumer’ no longer just ‘consumes’. They innovate. They co-create. They advocate. But how can your brand empower its customers to become co-architects of its mission? Let’s unpick the power of the people that truly make your brand special: your customers.

The fashion report: Is frugality in fashion for consumers during the cost of living crisis?

Unravel the consumer clothing trends here. Discover how UK and US consumers are shopping for clothing and accessories during a cost of living crisis. From second hand shopping to fast fashion to AR try ons, these are the trends you need to know.

The alcoholic beverage report: The consumer behaviours making a splash in the alcoholic beverage industry

What top trends are sating US and UK consumers’ thirst? From drinking their greens to convenience-based cocktails, discover the consumer behaviours that have shaken, not stirred, the industry.

Bringing the customer into the board room: How leading brands are winning with community-led growth, with TikTok and giffgaff

In 2023 the ‘consumer’ no longer just ‘consumes’. They innovate. They co-create. They advocate.