The customer collaboration
platform your whole
business will love

Privacy Notice-02 | Bulbshare
Privacy Notice-02 | Bulbshare

It’s time to put community voice
at the centre of what you do…

Businesses of the future are putting communities at the heart of operations. Injecting customer voice at every stage of the value chain - from insight and innovation to content and advocacy, making use of our consumer research company, Bulbshare - means derisking product launches, guaranteeing campaign cut-through and maximising growth.

One community. One platform.


Customer insight with passionate communities for guaranteed product market fit.


Innovation that puts
customer voice at the heart
of R&D.


Authentic community
content guaranteeing
campaigns that land.


Customer advocacy for next-
gen marketing and
supercharged growth.

Any consumer segment.

Anywhere in the world.

1000s of real-time responses daily.

1 K
Global community
Countries with
1 M
data points

Traditional market research is failing

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About | Bulbshare

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About | Bulbshare
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About | Bulbshare
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More consumer research company benefits

  • Technical and customer support
  • Monthly releases, performance SLA, no upgrade headaches
  • Always-on and fully secure
  • Push notifications
  • Access to platform data 24/7
  • Fully-managed service or self-serve onboarding
  • Access to thought-leading consumer trend reports, webinars and content
  • Trusted consumer trends and research company

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