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We drive 1000s of real-time consumer insights every day, from every corner of the globe – helping the brands we work with to put customer voice at the heart of what they do.

At-scale global insights: with 1000s of daily responses in real-time.

How we built a global insight community for Nestlé

We put customer voice at the heart of operations for Nestlé – with 14 customer communities across key international markets, sharing 1000s of insights daily.


Bulbshare is providing Nestlé Cereals with an always-on community of thousands of engaged consumers in seven international markets across Europe, APAC and Latin America to co-create new brand positioning, advertising creative, activation ideas and product concepts.

We are also providing access to additional pop-up communities on an adhoc basis when required.


Nestlé Cereals’ mission is to make breakfast better for families across the globe. A leading global breakfast cereal company, they are the name behind some of the world’s most iconic breakfast cereal brands, such as Nesquik, Cheerios, Fitness and Chocapic to name but a few.


To create multiple insight communities across key global markets enabling quick-turnaround targeted insight to explore consumer attitude, behaviour and empathy.



How it works

Our mobile-first technology means users can upload photo and video content wherever and whenever they want – and our live AI dashboard allows you to auto-translate foreign language responses, as well as tracking key words and sentiments and identifying images. You can also engage users with A/B and swipe-testing, media uploads and image heatmapping – all embedded in one survey.

Simon Pollock

VP Consumer Insights, Nestlé Cereals

“Everybody, from the CEO down, is engaged in the programme, and is engaging with consumers on a regular basis.”

Five steps to maximising your insight budget

Five steps to maximising your insight budget

The future of consumer insight

More and more future-facing brands are moving towards customer communities for insight and content. Knowing your customer is the first step to making sure you are providing them with exactly what they need – and putting customer voice at heart of your brand will drive consumer loyalty and retention.

Bulbshare provides you with direct, instant access to your consumer segment to start authentic conversations and gain data and insight via our user-friendly mobile interface and AI dashboard.

of customers think products developed with customer collaboration are better.
of customers want to be involved in branded content creation.

The Bulbshare advantage

Our real-time technology drives thousands of responses every day from customer communities all over the world – and we recruit those communities in a matter of hours, no matter how niche.

The millions of customer data points we gather every day are driven through our rich media surveys, online workshops and in-app heatmapping – and all our responses are auto-analysed via our live AI dashboard.

of consumers want product personalisation based on research.
increase in operating margins for brands that use consumer data and analytics.
increase in business success when companies are customer-centric.

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