We have a defined and proven process for co-creation, all delivered by the Bulbshare technology.

Our process | Bulbshare

Understand your customers

Develop actionable insights in real-time, gaining a deep understanding of how your customers think and feel about key brand issues.

Our process | Bulbshare

Collaborate with your customers

Ask your customers to develop ideas for solving issues within your business, ensuring more customer-centric plans.
Our process | Bulbshare

Create with your customers

Create community-generated-content directly with your customers and ask them to share that content across their own social media channels.
Our process | Bulbshare

Advocate through your customers

Community members can recommend your product and service directly from the Bulbshare technology app.

Build your co-creation community

“We explored an innovative approach of understanding teens and first jobber key life moments, passion points with Bulbshare. Bulbshare Technology helped develop unique insights from consumers in the form of their own expressions and visuals that helped bring it to life.

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