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Building a global insight community for the largest food and beverage company in the world.

"Everybody, from the CEO down, is engaged in the programme, and is engaging with consumers on a regular basis."
Simon Pollock
VP Consumer Insights, Nestlé Cereals
"Bulbshare has been revolutionary. It has allowed us to answer burning questions within our business – vs a traditional research tool which takes 5 times as long and costs 5 times as much!"
Paul Thomas
Global Director, Insights, Planning and Performance, Asahi
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"Having the Bulbshare community on-hand allows us to generate insight into our territories in a significantly faster and more cost-effective way than our traditional methods."
Marc Sheasby
Research and Engineering Innovation Leader, Kimberly-Clark
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"By building an always-on relationship with our audience, we get a real time identification of taste-makers and opinion-leaders. From the wealth of insights we then map to key policy comms messaging."
Jan Nixon
Senior Marketing Manager, Public Health England
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“Bulbshare is a great platform to enrich and sharpen the best content created, but also to keep the community continuously engaged and alive.”
Vittorio Cerulli
Consumer Market Intelligence Lead, Unilever

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